My name is Nora, I am an equine veterinarian by profession and a health junkie by heart. I was born in Hungary, lived in the USA for a few years and now settled in Dubai with my husband and fur kids. I was diagnosed with multiple health problems at the age of 22, and I was in denial for a long time, taking the pills and telling myself that everything was ok. Fast forward 10 years, the pills stopped working, and I was in a desperate need of a solution.  Countless hours of research, lots of trial and error and I took a leap of faith, ditched the meds and I stepped on the path of MY health journey. It is a journey without a destination, with ever changing goals and challenges along the way. I love to eat and live and created this blog to prove there IS life beyond food allergies, and chronic illness!  I will post healthy recipes, reviews of restaurants where it is safe to eat out, details on my mercury detox and a series on nutritional information to transform your life. 

Follow along, eat, learn and heal with me  🙂