There are two types of people that eat healthy. The type that choses to eat healthy, because they want to make a difference, they want to be healthier, they want to lose weight, they try to look out for the future self in order to be present for the kids and grandkids for a long time, and they do the changes on their own will. And there are the type of people that eat healthy because they have no other choice. These are the people (including myself), that have health issues, food intolerances, certain chronic or autoimmune diseases and for them food is medicine. The healthy eating lifestyle helps them stay above water – as one would say – and essentially help them to stay alive (note that I didn’t use the word “diet”, because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that should be established and enjoyed for a lifetime). 

Even though I am in this second category, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I believe if I didn’t have health issues, I would have found this path one way or another at some point in my life. I enjoy eating healthy, I enjoy how it makes me feel, I enjoy how food energizes me (no food coma here) and makes me look vibrant (not my words btw…). I enjoy all that. And let me tell you something it wasn’t always like that! I started on this healthy eating journey (not a diet!) 8 years ago. My determination was extremely solid, I was very dedicated, constantly searching for a solution that would help me feel less miserable. I followed the autoimmune paleo protocol and didn’t cheat at all for 3 years! Looking back it seems a bit extreme. But these initial years also taught me how this lifestyle can actually be enjoyable. By now I feel I have found a balance. I have found the eating style that optimizes my health. With a little bit of effort you can make healthy foods taste good and you will find ways to eat out while staying on track and not jeopardizing your health. That is what it is all about, right? We all want to enjoy our food. 

On this website, you will not find boiled chicken and steamed broccoli under the label of healthy food. You will find delicious roast chicken, made out of organic, free range poultry; veggie packed beef chili, easy to make sheet pan dinners, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, coconut yogurt and so on. All the things that you would have otherwise labeled unhealthy if cooked the traditional way. I will show you ways to make them healthy, the way they satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. I also want to help you find ways to eat out, so you can hang out with your friends without missing out on anything. I will help you to stock your pantry with better options and teach you how to read the labels in the grocery store to make better choices every day. And last but not least I will have a series of posts to document my journey through detoxing from heavy metals (in particular mercury) – as I was recently diagnosed with severe mercury toxicity. You will find these posts under the Detox Diaries tab. I am so excited you are here, let’s do this! 

Cheers, Nora

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Loving this! Great work!


Love it! Let’s do this!


Hajrá Nóra! Nagyon tetszik az oldal, és az eltökéltséged is a témában! Csodálatos munka! Köszönöm, hogy olvashatom!


Koszonom <3

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